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Welcome to Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CSTS)

Beginning initially as a department, under the now defunct School of Social and Technology Studies, the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CSTS came into operation in January 2014, when the Technical University of Kenya formally implemented its new governance structure.  The Centre is a brain child of Prof. Dr- Ing F.W.O Adoul, the Vice Chancellor of the Technical University of Kenya.
Prof Adoul’s thinking then, and even now, is that students enrolled in science, engineering and science-related disciplines in Kenyan universities are, in class, usually almost exclusively drilled in the technical aspects of their respective disciplines. Such students, therefore, graduate from their academic fields of study as erudite technicians, with little knowledge on how science and technology can be applied to improve the human condition. What the programs they are enrolled in lacks, in their curricula, is an interdisciplinary orientation which would otherwise enable students gain knowledge on how science and technology interact with the human person. And such knowledge would be, ipso-facto, gained through a study of subject areas such as philosophy, historical developments, the politics, the sociology and the human aspects of science and technology.  With that in mind, Prof. Adoul found it therefore prudent to establish a Centre for Science and Technology Studies that would then, moving forward, help equip TUK students with such “soft” inter-disciplinary knowledge in science and technology.

Being faithful then to the reasoning and the spirit behind its formation, the Centre for Science and Technology Studies, studies—using interdisciplinary approaches—how: (a) advancements in science and technology have, since the dawn of human civilizations to the present day, impacted human lives and livelihoods, and (b) how, in turn, varied human societies and cultures have respectively influenced (whether positively, negatively or otherwise) the evolution of science and technology. In doing so, the Centre encourages the integration of historical outlook, economic considerations, ethical deliberations, sociological perspectives and policy informed contexts in the science and technology curriculum and facilitates collaborative interdisciplinary, inter-sectoral, and inter-generational research contexts and learning environments.

The centre, housed in the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology, Centre primarily (but not exclusively) focuses on the following areas: History and Philosophy of Science and Technology; Science and Technology in Society; Sustainability Science and Technology, and; The Universe, Life and Humanity.
To provide a collaborative platform for bridging academic disciplines, and for forging new research initiatives across disciplinary boundaries, with a view to promoting a broader creative culture of inquiry.


The main objectives guiding the activities of the Centre for Science and Technology Studies are:

  • To create, inculcate and sustain a general awareness of the history and growth of science and technology and their application in industry and in the improvement of human welfare;
  • To provide complete and accurate information on and about landmark developments in science and technology particularly in Kenya, but also in the continent of Africa and beyond;
  • To popularize science and technology by organizing exhibitions, seminars, popular lectures, science camps and other activities;
  • To foster a spirit of scientific inquiry and creativity among students at various levels of learning especially, but not only, through out of school science and technology educational activities
  • To organize science and technology outreach programs for primary and high school teachers, students, young entrepreneurs, technicians and jua-kali artisans.



Ag. Director

Dr Patrick Maison Dikirr  - Ag. Director

Dr Patrick Maison Dikirr is a Senior Lecturer at the Technical University of Kenya, and the acting Director of the Centre for Science and Technology Studies. Dr. Dikirr has multifaceted research interests....>> More

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