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Dr Patrick Maison Dikirr

Dr Patrick Maison Dikirr
Dr Patrick Maison Dikirr is a Senior Lecturer at the Technical University of Kenya, and the acting Director of the Centre for Science and Technology Studies. Dr. Dikirr has multifaceted research interests, which cuts across different disciplines— from Science, Technology and Society Studies to the Science and Politics of Climate Change, from Indigenous Africa’s Knowledge Systems to Critical and Creative Thinking, from Environmental Pan-Africanism to Globalization, Democratization and the Normative Features of the Now Unfolding Global Order, The Relevance of African Philosophy to Issues of Development in Africa and The Promise and Challenges of Building a Foundation of a New Moral Republic in Africa. Dikirr’s published works includes African Thought in Comparative Perspectives (2014, co-edited); Africa’s Islamic Experience: History, Culture and Politics (2009, co-edited) and Globalization and Civilization: Are They Forces in Conflict? (2008, co-edited.)

Dr Arun Datta

Post graduate in natural sciences, Dr Datta has been an innovative businessman for over twenty years. In the last a few years he got another postgraduate and doctorate in philosophy from university of Nairobi. His thesis was in philosophy of science. His interests are in the study of interplay between technology and society. He has presented papers at Maseno and Nairobi University conferences and he contributes in Daily newspapers. It is thinking that he is currently writing on.

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  • Prof. Dr. Ing. F.W.O Aduol, Vice Chancellor, Technical University of Kenya
  • Prof. Michael L. Muia, Executive Dean, Faculty of Applied Science and Technology

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