Science and Technology in Society


We are living in an era of dramatic technological advancements in the form of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), stem-cell research, subatomic particles research and so forth. And because our societies are, and continue to be, profoundly shaped by scientific innovations, and application of technologies arising out of them, societies have to be aware of what science and technology can do. And they should have a say in it. But that may work best when we have well-educated individuals, with a command of scientific and technical concepts and a solid understanding of the social, historical, ethical, philosophical, legal, and policy implications of scientific research and the accompanying technologies.

The department of Sciences and Technology in Development therefore seeks to prepare and produce graduates who are capable of bridging academic disciplines, who can seamlessly forge new initiatives across disciplinary boundaries, and who are better equipped with the requisite normative, critical and analytical skills needed in order to be competitive in an increasingly globalizing market of sciences and technology.